About Us

About Us

Electronic Creations is extremely proud of our longevity. We have sold, serviced, and installed thousands of systems since 1981. That makes us Central Florida’s oldest and most experienced custom home theater, sound system and security installation company.

Robert Levy, President and Robert Foust, Vice President, are the original partners and founders of Electronic Creations.

We have seen numerous companies start like a rocket and ultimately fail. There are still many start-ups with golden intentions that paint a glowing picture but can not deliver. They have little capitalization, no licensing, no insurance and no business experience. That’s why we feel it is so important you consider our decades of business experience and stability when choosing a contractor. Our experience is a valuable benefit to you. You can count on Electronic Creations for stability, consistent quality, and unsurpassed value.

Licensed and Insured
Electronic Creations is a state certified Electrical Specialty Low Voltage Systems Contractor and Alarm System Contractor. This assures you we are appropriately insured and your systems are properly designed, permitted, installed and inspected.

Orlando Home Theater SystemsDesign and Installation
To insure your project goes smoothly, Electronic Creations uses state of the art design software for great looking, easy to understand blueprints and elevations. Our systems are designed by factory-trained designers and installers.

Price & Value
Electronic Creations prices are competitive with any authorized local or authorized internet retailer. You won’t ever pay a premium to buy from us.

Walking into Electronic Creations is like walking into a “Who’s Who” of quality manufactures. We offer a combination of products and services that few others can match.

Okay, we’re going to admit it up front… we love what we do! We never thought work could be so much fun. It’s a pleasure to create the perfect system for you.

Our Values

  • We aim to remain objective at all times.
  • We respect our clients confidentiality.
  • We aim to develop long term relationships with our clients.
  • We value integrity, honesty, creativity and openness.
  • We promote and expect trust, respect and reliability.
  • We aspire to be accurate and pay attention to detail.

The Best Equipment at the Best Prices: Electronic Creations prices are competitive with any authorized internet retailer or authorized local dealer. You'll never pay a premium buying from us. Shop our online store or contact us for information.