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Orlando home theater

Orlando Home Theater

Until recently, the only way to have a real movie experience was to go to a movie theater. The introduction of VCRs made it easy to rent or buy movies and watch them at home…but TVs just didn’t compare to a movie theater’s huge screen and surround sound systems. Fast forward to today….Now more and more people are turning their ordinary TV rooms in to home theaters. This used to involve a projector and a screen that were far to expensive for most people to afford. But advances in technology have given people more choices at very affordable prices.

Theater Acoustic Panels

The integrity of sound in a home theater system is a function of the quality of the audiovisual components, as well as the acoustic characteristics of the room. That’s why Electronic Creations Orlando offers acoustic treatments that actually “tune” the room for maximum acoustic performance. In most home theaters equipped with today’s larger, more powerful audio systems, dialogue and special sound effects are often unintelligible. This is the result of sound waves being randomly reflected or absorbed by the various surfaces in the room, especially the walls. Electronic Creations solves the problem by treating the walls of a room with acoustical panels. The panels are specially designed to correct most acoustical problems such as reflection, slap echo, and unwanted reverberations. The panels are covered with your choice of decorative fabrics. The final result is a customized environment in which home theater systems sound their best.

Lighting Design and Control

Nothing heightens drama and ambiance in your home theater like effective lighting. Unfortunately, most home theaters do not have properly designed lighting systems. A well designed theater lighting system must have the appropriate number of switch legs and lighting fixtures that are carefully selected and positioned properly. That’s where we can help. Electronic Creations has the experience and training to design your theater lighting plan. We supply scaled drawings to your electrician and supervise the installation. When theater lighting is done correctly your theater becomes a magical place to enjoy movies or watch TV. Imagine touching one button on your remote control center and the recess lights slowly fade to off, the wall sconces dim to 20 %, art is highlighted perfectly, rope light illuminates paths and steps, and the ceiling turns into a beautiful starfield.

Theater Seating

Electronic Creations offers the widest range of theater seating options in central Florida. From quick ship models, to luxury custom made designer models and even media beds. We can design and provide the perfect seating for practically any theater. Along with providing comfortable, durable seating, Electronic Creations has the experience to strategically position your seating so all viewers have unobstructed sight lines and the best sound for the ultimate home theater experience. We offer a wide choice of styles and colors with hundreds of luxurious fabrics and leathers to choose from. If that is not enough, you can provide your own fabric if you wish. Every manufacturer we represent offers ultra comfortable seating with great features like power recline, bass shaking seats, LED accent lighting, beverage cups, high quality construction and more.

Theater Design

Electronic Creations offers turnkey home theaters. We also collaborate with clients, interior designers, and builders. Our years of experience enable us to successfully guide you with all elements of theater design. Electronic Creations starts by providing the architect or builder with the proper ratios for the your theater’s size and shape. These ratios not only help in having a properly proportioned room, but also minimize unwanted resonance created by the room itself. Additionally, Electronic Creations can design the room to have minimal vibration and sound transfer. Finally, we supply you with CAD drawings detailing the floor plan and elevations for each wall. All you have to do is select a theme and color pallet for your theater.

Theater Sound Isolation

By making your listening environment quieter, you’ll improve your system’s dynamic range and create a more immerse experience. For those of us who don’t live alone on a 1000 acre farm, sound treatments let you listen to movies and music louder without disturbing the rest of the house. There are many techniques to reduce sound from your theater. Fortunately Electronic Creations Orlando has the answers and experience to help. If your theater is new construction, it is the perfect time to contact us to design your theater with sound isolation in mind. If you have an existing room you are turning into a theater there are many options to reduce sound transmission.

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