Imagine being able to monitor your home in real time from any computer and even your smartphone or tablet.

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Orlando Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is fast becoming a standard in homes. It is now very affordable for home owners to have surveillance systems to enhance their safety and protect their property. Just imagine being able to monitor your home in real time from any computer in the world or even your smart phone and tablet! The benefits of a recorded surveillance system are numerous. It enables you to: identify visitors at the front door, keep an eye on the kids, see when a repairman arrives and how long he was there, monitor the nanny, have a video recording of theft or vandalism… Or just gaze at your beautiful home whenever you wish from wherever you are! We offer several different types of video surveillance systems and can work with you to find the perfect fit for your needs, as well as your budget.

Intelligent Surveillance

Unlike the security cameras of the past, that would simply record everything within frame, new technologies allow us to only record what is important to you. Plus, you can be contacted on your mobile device if something you specify is occuring, in real time. Intelligent video analytics are capable of performing simultaneous surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, loitering, camera tamper and a wide range of people and vehicle counting functions. The intelligent system continuously monitors and adapts to changes in the environment, automatically filtering and rejecting background scatter such as foliage and inclement weather, to dramatically reduce false alarm rates. Intelligent video should not be viewed as just a means to detect intruders; it has endless possibilities and applications. See the video examples below for more information.

IP Video Surveillance

IP video cameras broadcast their video as a digital stream over an IP network. Video footage can be viewed and stored in High Definition for high detail imagery. The ability to digitally zoom in on recorded video makes identification much more likely with an IP system. Footage is usually stored on an NVR (network video recorder), which in some cases is just software since it doesn’t need to convert to digital or compress the video. Another benefit to IP video is that it is much more compatible with wireless than Analog, meaning less chance to encounter interferance. If you’re looking for high resolution surveillance, such as wider angle views, parking lots, or even low-light situations, IP might be the best fit for you.

Analog Video Surveillance

Cameras on a modern analog CCTV system send their video in the traditional base band format over coax or UTP cabling back to a digital video recorder (DVR). Here, video is digitized and stored on hard drives. Most modern DVRs are a network device, and as such can be accessed remotely, even from the internet. There are no tapes to change. Video is kept on hard drives, typically on a FIFO basis so there is always a rolling video archive of the past X days. So, despite the fact that video is being transmitted from the cameras in an analog format, live and recorded video is still available over the network. Analog does not record and store video in as high of quality as IP video.

Choosing What’s Best For You

Whether you’re a home owner looking for piece of mind to better protect your family and property, or a business owner in need of something more substantial, such as facial recognition to detect specific faces in a crowd, Electronic Creations Orlando can help you get set up and started today. Let our decades of experience work for you. Call us for a free consultation or contact us online for more information.

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