Lighting Control

Lighting control offers convenience, energy savings, longer lamp life, added security, and eliminates wall clutter.

Orlando Lighting Control and Automation

  • One touch creates a pathway of light through your home.
  • Automate routine lighting functions.
  • Enhance security.
  • Eliminate unsightly and confusing wall clutter.

The days of having six switches line up on the wall are over. One elegant keypad can be used to control the lights. And with engraved buttons, there is no guessing which switch turns on which lights, you know which lights you are turning on. Lighting control offers automation, convenience, energy savings, longer lamp life, added security, and eliminates wall clutter. Just imagine when you wake you’ll find the bathroom light on and a path lit to the kitchen. After breakfast as you leave for the day the lights turn off. Twenty minutes before dusk the landscape lights turn on followed in five minutes by the front door pendant and the coach lights. In the house, forty five minutes before dusk, lights start to ramp up to the perfect levels by the time it is dark. When you are ready for bed just arm the alarm and the house activates the goodnight scene. Unused lights turn off, outside security lights turn on, and halls become a dimmed pathway of light for nighttime safety. Just think, all this happened and you’ve never touched a light switch.

Touchpad controls allow you to change the mood of a room, or the whole house by activating a custom lighting scene with the touch of a button. Preset lights any for any situation, from a romantic dinner to an evening pool party. Electronic Creations Orlando lighting systems use an astronomic clock. As the days grow longer and shorter in the course of a year you won’t need to adjust the system to operate at the correct time. The astronomic clock makes the adjustments for you… even for leap year.

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