Central Vacuum

Can be up to 10X more powerful than a conventional vacuum while removing allergens from your living area.

Cleaning your home or workspace with a central vacuum system can be a life-changing experience. Loud, life-depleting noise is no longer a part of vacuuming. Your house is cleaner because dirt is actually removed from your living area. Cleaning is more powerful and efficient since a central vacuum is up to 10X more powerful than a conventional vacuum. But the most important benefit is how much cleaner the air is in your home. Allergy sufferers always notice a reduction in their symptoms after using a central vac system since allergens are removed them from the living area… scientifically proven by a government study and an independent research by University of California Davis.

Beyond being powerful, healthy, and efficient clients tell us they love some of the special features a central vacuum offers. One of the most popular is the Vac-Pan. Imagine a broom that never needs a dustpan and has the cleaning power of a central vacuum system then you’ll understand why people like it so much. It is an incredibly simple device combining a central vacuum with a dustpan. It is built into the baseboard and you activate it with your foot….sweep the dirt into it and tap it with your foot to turn it off. Another feature people love (especially in Orlando Florida) is a powerful vacuum in the garage. Its perfect for cleaning out your car after a day at the beach!

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