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Paradigm Prestige 2000SW Subwoofer Named in Home Theater Review’s Best of 2016 Awards

Brent Butterworth had great things to say about the look and sound of the Prestige 2000SW:

“If you want a subwoofer that looks as good as it sounds, consider Paradigm’s Prestige 2000SW. This 121-pound sub sports a 15-inch woofer and 2,000-watt Class D amplifier in a gorgeous cabinet that’s

available in a furniture-grade finish of piano black, gloss cherry, satin walnut, or satin black walnut. One of Brent Butterworth’s favorite parts of this package is the included Perfect Bass Kit, which he considers to be one of the best subwoofer auto EQ systems available.”

Read more about this year’s Best of Awards from, and visit our website for more information on the Prestige 2000SW.

Full Article: Paradigm Speakers

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