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“Music to my ears” – Mark Henninger’s Review of the Paradigm PW Amp

We’re excited to share this review of the Paradigm PW Amp, from AVS Forum’s Mark Henninger.

“The Paradigm PW Amp was music to my ears… Thanks to the combined power of DTS Play-Fi and ARC software, the feature set of the Paradigm PW Amp is remarkably deep.”

“I can’t commend Paradigm enough for providing the flexibility in bass management and room EQ that ARC affords; this is the only networked amp I am familiar with that offers such sophistication, which is crucial if you want to achieve true high-fidelity. I also applaud the company’s choice to go with DTS Play-Fi since that ecosystem encompasses products from many companies, unlike the proprietary systems offered by some other vendors.”

Read the full review from AVS Forum, and visit our website for more information on the Paradigm PW Amp.

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