Triton Five Gets Another Absolutely Superb Review

We are pleased to welcome another stellar review into the fold. Here again is South Africa’s Deon Schoeman of Audio Video, describing his love affair with, this time, the Triton Five. Deon appreciates the simple, elegant, minimalist styling concept as well as the fidelity, writing, “The all-black treatment makes this compact member of the Triton family seem even smaller, while adding a touch of class … The Fives delivered their sonic wares with aplomb and transparency, allowing the music to soar well beyond the expected constraints of the point sources, and creating a pervasive, immersive soundstage…showcasing pace, attack and dynamics to thrilling effect … a floor stander that can duke it out with many high-end speakers costing substantially more than the Triton Five…the value on offer here is exceptional.”

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Full Article: GoldenEar Technology

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