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Better Together: Home Design for Listening

Home design and home listening were born to team up. Either one is perfectly nice on its own, but it’s when you combine the two that you can really start to transform the mood of your home.

We linked with the sweet minds at Homepolish to get some quick tips from an pro interior designer on how to refine any space for a better listening experience.

Homepolish designer Tali Roth breaks it down:

Sofa is Key

“Everyone uses music in different ways. Some love having it in the background no matter what they’re doing, some use it for entertaining, some while cooking and some use it to relax and unwind on the sofa. My favorite relax and unwind sofa is ‘The Cloud’ from Restoration Hardware. It is literally the most comfortable piece of furniture. Perfect for the ultimate music session.”

Sonos Sub Pop -4701

Get it lit

“Music creates mood and atmosphere, just like lighting. Be sure to fill your space with ambient lighting and loads of dimmables to create the perfect chilled out vibe.”

Sonos Sub Pop -4689

Turn the Music into Design

“If you’re a diehard music fan, consider creating a montage of your favorite bands or display your collection of vinyls in a creative way.”

Keep it Consistent

“Make sure you install Sonos all over your home for a consistent experience – indoor to outdoor and in the shower!”

Got your home design on lock? Go deeper into how music can change the way you connect at home:

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