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Soundtracks to the City: New York

To celebrate the arrival of the Sonos flagship store in Soho, we asked some of NY’s finest to share their personal soundtracks to the city. Listen out loud:



Rakim (2) (1)

“I don’t like to keep it [the music] in my ears for too long myself. It feels like it cuts everything else off. When you listen to music on speakers, you can enjoy it, you can think about it. It might be a memory, might be a moment. Might be something going on.”Rakim

EL – P

Miss Info & El P (4)


Nancy Whang & Doris (2)

“For me, enjoying music means being in a space, and hearing it around me. Listening to music on speakers is like you’re floating on top of water. You’re above it, you can relax, your mind can wander. On headphones, you’re underwater. It cuts off everything else and for me, I lose all my sensory perception. It’s a little disorienting for me.”Nancy Whang


Kyp Malone & Nancy Whang (4)


Walter Schreifels & Rakim

The Sonos flagship store is now open in our permanent home at 101 Greene Street in Soho. Come listen.

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