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Listen Out Loud This World Record Store Day

Today we have reached what seems like the peak of musical evolution: Feel like listening to some brooding R&B? Apple Music’s got a 12 Steps to Closure playlist for you. Need some new power hour jams? Pandora’s got your back. But on World Record Store Day, we are all invited back to the roots of discovering music.

Flipping through stacks of records and CDs was — and still is — the original Discover Weekly, a way for you to sink your eyes and ears into your next, possibly-new-favorite band. While it’s no longer the only way to find new music, this remains a special experience for fans. This weekend, artists and independent shops all over the world are celebrating that.

It all makes sense if you think about it.

In a world where everything is digital, with music streaming and living somewhere in a cloud, getting your hands on an actual record adds that tangible, soul-affirming goodness to your music. CDs are all but finito, and burning all of your vinyl into digital form isn’t going to happen, which makes hanging onto your Minor Threat 7″ (and maybe your parents’ first pressing of Revolver) even more necessary.

You can’t take a deep, inhaling smell of a just-opened mp3 like you can with vinyl, and clicking your trackpad to hit play is nothing like that hand-to-elbow-to-brain connection that comes from dropping a needle onto a record. And that glorious hiss of the dead space before the first track plays, man oh man, that’s the stuff. These are crystal clear reasons why vinyl isn’t only not dead, but why it’s thriving.

But, that’s not to say you can’t bridge the old with the new. Discovering a new artist — be it in a record shop or through a curated-for-you-specifically playlist on a streaming service — and then letting that record loose in your home is just as rewarding no matter the medium. Sales are even up on vinyl in recent years, and mega-hit engineers are singing the praises of Sonos when it’s connected to a turntable.

In honor of World Record Store Day, drop that needle onto your most cherished record, dig through your CD spindle for something you haven’t played in years, or stream a new artist you’ve never heard before. As long as you’re listening out loud, that’s all that matters.

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