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Subwoofers, Part 1: You need a better reason to come back to our Blog.

We recently used this blog to introduce you to Paradigm’s new Prestige Series of high-powered subwoofers. You know: “Louder. Lower frequency. Lower distortion. Gut-wrenching power!

Since then, this blog has been one big award and one great review after another. Hey, we’re tooting our own X-PAL Tweeters here, so to speak. But we’d understand if you’re beginning to feel that our bragging is getting dry.
How about some information you can really use? Maybe even an opportunity to — most important — learn something that helps you get better performance from your audio equipment? That’s exactly what we’ve been thinking, too.

Click the jump to find out what we have in store for you now, and what you can do to be sure you don’t miss any upcoming posts.

Louder & Lower: What you can expect in the coming weeks from the new Paradigm Blog.

No, really, we meant it: you need a better reason to come back to read our blog on a regular basis. It’s our goal to give you one.
So over the next couple of weeks we plan to post some interesting and educational information about one of our favorite topics: subwoofers.
We’ll get low-down and deep with the new Prestige Series of subwoofers. We’ll talk about what makes a good subwoofer, and why a good subwoofer is important. Plus, we’ll let you in on some of the secrets of great subwoofer performance, and give you lots of tips to help you get the most bass from your subwoofer (some of which you can only get from us).
Got subwoofer questions? Email them to us here, and we’ll try to cover your answer in a future blog post!

Big bass is not just important, it’s also really good. We look forward to blogging about it!

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