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HTR Raves SuperCinema 3D Array XL “is the Best Sounding SoundBar”, Period!

25b63cd5-699f-4053-a8c2-d01cb926f801As we all know, our 3D Arrays sound great and are fantastic solutions for folks that want a soundbar form factor along with exceptional sonic performance. Here is a fantastic review from Brian Kahn in Home Theater Review that says it all.

In fact, not only does he love the SuperCinema 3D Array XL, but Brian reports the mind-boggling story of how an audiophile friend came over and thought he was listening to music over Brian’s $24,000 floorststanding speakers, when he was actually listening to the 3D Array XL which sat between the towers!!!! I think that this is certainly the ultimate compliment. As you know, in terms of GoldenEar products, we feel that the 3D Arrays, along with one our two of our subs, delivers performance similar to Triton towers but in a decor-friendly form factor.

Brian loved the 3D Array XL with both music and movies. In fact, he asked himself,

“if I could live with it as my only system for both music and movies? In short, the answer is yes, I could do so….happily.”

25bd23e3-46e4-4b80-918b-eb9ba80bcaf0He raved,

“The first thing I noticed when listening to the 3D Array XL was the size of the soundstage: it was huge.”

In fact, he noted that the 3D Array XL,

“produces a large,deep soundstage, including the illusion of rear channels.”

He found that the soundstage was,

“competitive with high-end freestanding speakers.”

And, of course, he praised the,

“airy highs, clear vocals” making it, “easy to understand dialogue at any volume level.”

Of course, best of all, as his conclusion,

“The GoldenEar 3D Array XL is the best-sounding soundbar I have heard.”

Click here or on the image above to read the full review. And learn more about the SuperCinema 3D Array XL, available from Electronic Creations Orlando!

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