GoldenEar’s Award for Best Sound at CEDIA: A Must Read

unnamedGoldenEar Technology has received many kudos for their demo at CEDIA this year, however this one says it all, and says it well. Interestingly, there were several postings from other important reviewers who, like Todd in this post, originally thought he was listening to an Atmos demo with the Triton Ones. And another important reviewer originally thought he was listening to two SuperSubs, rather than one.

Todd, who is the news editor and a reviewer for Home Theater Shack, was not afraid to tell it like it is and admit his mistake, thinking he was listening to the front Triton Ones, rather than the Left and Right in-ceiling Invisa HTR 7000s. And, of course, he loved the Triton Ones on two channel music as well. Clearly, the Super Stealth Invisible In-Ceiling Atmos System is an incredible solution which is capable of dramatically expanding the market for full bore high performance Atmos Systems, with no spousal or interior designer acceptance factor issues. Here’s the full write up from his visit to GoldenEar’s CEDIA 2015 Demo:

Best Audio Sound: GoldenEar Technology


Tucked along the back wall of the convention hall were a series of self-contained sound rooms designed to allow audio manufacturers some quiet privacy for more exacting demo sessions. It was there that I found the first of two Best of Show winners: GoldenEar Technology. GoldenEar really needs little introduction in audio circles. The company and its legendary founder – Sandy Gross – are well known for serious audio prowess and performance. Because of pre-show Twitter plugs, I knew that GoldenEar was invading CEDIA with an Atmos demonstration, but I had little idea of how surprising the demonstration would prove to be.


I entered GoldenEar’s dimly lit room in the middle of an Atmos audio session featuring the opening bomber scene from Unbroken. My eyes were drawn to a pair of Triton One towers at the front of the room, several immediately visible ceiling channels, and a gathering of speakers and parts on display in the rear. Taking a center seat, I began to let the Atmos audio onslaught wash over me with a blanket of dynamic sound. I quickly noted the lack of a traditional center channel and surmised that GoldenEar was using the Triton Ones to create a phantom center. Bass was deep, tight, and spot-on. Following the clip, Sandy Gross informed me that the demonstration wasn’t using the Triton Ones, but a 5.1.4. Atmos surround package relying solely on Invisa HTR 7000 in-ceiling speakers ($499-each) and a single SuperSub XXL Dual Plane subwoofer ($1999). Jaw dropper! I was absolutely floored – and tricked – by the HTR 7000’s ability to create a traditional speaker deployment’s surround effect on an ear level plane, let alone integrate a sense of height offered by a traditional Atmos system.


The second part of the demo involved the Triton Ones (no subwoofer) playing a range of music from Jazz to vocals and drums to rock. The resulting soundstage was simply sublime, layered with pinpoint imaging, dynamic depth, tight controlled bass, and highs that never once hinted the slightest note of harshness. We’re talking a canvas painted with absolutely delicious sonic swirls and total precision. The highlight of the demo was a mesmerizing playback of Pink Floyd’s The Wall that sounded too good to be true, totally captivating a smattering of attendees. At a price of $5,000 per pair, the Triton One is a total steal. If you’re in the market for high-end sound, seek out and listen to what GoldenEar has to offer…your ears will thank you.

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