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Abbey Road: The Method and the Magic

“The Magic of the place was immediate,” – Sir George Martin.

Great music takes passion, knowledge, creativity, dedication and, sometimes, a little bit of magic.

To bring that to your home in the most natural way, we’ve always looked closely to our friends. From artists to engineers, producers to music streaming services, each of them inspires us in some way to make your listening experience better.

Abbey Road Studios is one of those connections. It needs no introduction for its role in shaping the music we listen to today and we are proud to be joining them on a path that explores the intricacies of that music making process to bring artist and listener closer together.

Abbey Road and Sonos share a dedication to helping artists capture and reproduce their work in the best possible way. Sound and fidelity mean everything.

As part of our ongoing collaboration, Abbey Road’s recording, mixing, and mastering engineers will come together with Sonos to better understand each other’s worlds, reducing the distance between what happens in the studio and how it is heard at home.


We’ll also be working together on curating content for music fans that celebrates the art and the science of sound. Abbey Road Studios and Sonos Studio London opened the partnership with discussion and performance from two superb artists, producer Max Cooper and pianist Tom Hodge. Look out for a film from Sonos Studio London and stay tuned for more from Sonos and Abbey Road.

You can sign up for updates on this and all Sonos Studio London, which opens later this year in Shoreditch, programming here.

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