NG7 GoldenEar Triton 7 Pair

GoldenEar Triton Seven “Speaker of the Year”

We can’t remember when a speaker has received so much critical acclaim as the GoldenEar Technology Triton Seven. Just look at what the reviewers are saying:

“it’s hard to imagine a better over-all value in price and performance than the Triton Seven” “Editors Choice” Caleb Denison Digital Trends January 2014

“I consider this speaker a masterpiece of value-oriented engineering-one that sets a performance standard that will not be easily matched or surpassed” Chris Martens The Absolute Sound November 2013

2014 Editor’s Choice Award The Absolute Sound February 2014

“An extraordinary transparent and revealing compact speaker that won’t shirk from (and even blossoms with) the highest quality electronics and source material, the Triton Seven represents one of the great steals in audio today.” “Top Pick of the Year” Sound & Vision Magazine February 2014

“Audiophile-grade reproduction from head to toe” John Darko Digital Audio Review February 2014

“While I’m thrilled that GoldenEar Technology has brought such an involving listening experience down to such an attainable level, I still find myself a bit shocked that they’re willing to let go of such a stunning aural work of art for so little money.” Dennis Burger Home Theater Review Magazine April 2014

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