GoldenEar Speakers are now at Electronic Creations!!!

We are proud to announce the addition of GoldenEar Loudspeakers to our product line up. The GoldenEar Sound & Philosophy of Sonic Perfection is simple… they are designed to sound like nothing except what is being played through them.

WHAT ARE THE KEY FACTORS THAT MAKE A LOUDSPEAKER GREAT? First, and most important, is the concept of “suspension of disbelief.” This is the ability of the loudspeakers, and of course the whole audio system, to in effect disappear and allow you to forget that you are listening to a recording in your room. In other words, to “suspend the disbelief” that it is not real and allow you to believe that you are actually in the space where the musicians are performing or where the movie action up on the screen is happening. A really good audio system and truly great speakers are capable of achieving this. In fact with movies, it is the sound system and not the picture that frees up your disbelief and allows you to feel like you are really part of the action. “Suspension of disbelief” is the key to great, lifelike sound and this has always been the primary goal of GoldenEar.

IMPORTANT QUALITIES IN ACHIEVING “SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF?” The secret lies in the imaging qualities of a system. Imaging is a quality that cannot be measured. It can only be heard and experienced. Achieving great imaging is more of an art than a science. Imaging is the ability of a sound system to place the sonic events of a recording accurately around the room without regard to the physical locations of the speakers, thus replicating the reality of the original sonic event and soundfield. A truly great loudspeaker system will disappear and the sound will seem to float in the air with tremendously lifelike height, width and depth. We refer to this as a three-dimensional soundstage and speakers that excel at it, such as GoldenEar’s, deliver a sonic three-dimensionality that can be almost frightening in its realism.

With GoldenEar loudspeakers you will not be aware of the sound coming from the specific locations of the speakers. Instead, the soundstage will spread seamlessly and fill in the spaces between all the speakers. It will extend beyond them in terms of depth and above them in terms of height. This almost magical quality of superb imaging is what allows you to close your eyes and imagine that you are in Carnegie Hall listening to the Philadelphia Orchestra, in Madison Square Garden listening to the Rolling Stones, in the Village Vanguard listening to John Coltrane alive again or rocketing through space in a starcruiser dodging meteors.

There are many other key aspects of superior sonic performance. GoldenEar carefully evaluates achievement of our design objectives during the development process. Precise measurements are important. Because of this GoldenEar built their own large-scale anechoic chamber which is absolutely critical in order to obtain accurate and meaningful measurement data. But most important is listening with a wide variety of critical program material in order to optimize all the many aspects of superior sonic performance.

An interesting and little-known fact is that although GoldenEar loudspeakers have often been praised as being the absolute best available for home theater, the engineering team always devotes the most time listening time to music. This is true more than ever at GoldenEar because exceptional performance on music is more important and additionally, is the real key to home theater excellence as well. GoldenEar has found that the qualities that allow a speaker to excel in the reproduction of music and home theater are clearly easier to refine to an ultimate level when working with music.

GoldenEar strives to achieve a smooth, natural and extended frequency response – sound with a homogeneous quality that appears to come from a single real acoustic source rather than from a group of drivers that each covers a different frequency range. The goal is a high-definition, transparent clarity that seems to lift the hazy veils that often separate us from being part of the live sonic event. Achievement of these important performance parameters is absolutely critical for the full enjoyment of music and equally important for home theater. Additionally GoldenEar focuses tremendous yet effortless dynamic range, powerful, deep, tight, rock-solid bass response and silky-smooth high frequencies that seem to extend forever – all of which is desirable for home theater sonic spectacles as well as musical excellence. GoldenEar utilizes all its combined experience to deliver these qualities and more for sonic superiority that is often unequalled in competitors’ speakers selling for three, four or five times as much as a GoldenEar. The signature GoldenEar sound is consistent through all of our loudspeakers, regardless of price.

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